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Your pet’s dental health is paramount to maintaining overall health. A routine dental cleaning is recommended annually for most pets and even twice per year for some pets. A cleaning is performed to PREVENT dental disease. During your pet’s dental procedure we will remove all tartar from teeth above and below the gums (sub-gingival) using…
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Keep your pet looking sleek with a professional grooming appointment! Cottage Hill Animal Clinic provides professional grooming services for dogs and cats by appointment. Our groomer has extensive experience and provides the loving service you appreciate across the spectrum of pet care provided by our clinic. Aside from the breed specific sanitary cut and style,…
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Surgical Procedures

An array of surgical procedures are offered at Cottage Hill Animal Clinic, from spay and neuters to orthopedic procedures. Surgeries are scheduled on an as needed basis and extensive instructions are given to the pet parent based upon the type of surgery that is to be performed. Our surgical suite is equipped with a heated…
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Preventive Care

Adult pets should be seen twice a year for a preventive exam which includes parasite testing and necessary vaccinations to keep your pet healthy. Puppies should be seen every 3 weeks from age 6 week to 18 weeks and kittens should be seen every 3 weeks from age 6 to 15 weeks. In addition to…
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